In European and International context, requirements concerning welded constructions are more and more specifics.
To allow the French manufacturers to access foreign markets, Institut de Soudure et Société Française des Ingénieurs, Scientifiques et Techniciens en Soudage (SIS) had created in 1991 the Association Française du Soudage in wich are also members manufacturers, inspection bodies, giving orders Companies and Professional bodies.

Association française du Soudage (AFS) participate to European and International meetings relative to definition of training, syllabuses and conditions of awarding diplomas.

AFS is participating actively to present works allowing the convergence of European system and International system.
Nevertheless, this activity can be productive only if the whole manufacturers, from small-sized firms to the really large one, may express necessary and sufficient specificity of its welding activity and rules, wich shall be respected in this field. Effectively, the lack of knoweldge of these informations doesn't allow your representatives to defend position, particularly for small-sized manufactures.

By comming member of Association Française du Soudage:
- You wil be informed in priority of all what is in preparation in European or International organisation and, by this way, you wil have thepossibility to inform us about your proposals of modifications that will be transmitt as your spokesman.
- You will have the possibility to act on his fonctioning by active participation in AFS activities.
- You wil get attractive conditions during transitory periods to get equivalent diplomas for your staff in order to give better answer to your customer's requirements;

For anny additional information, don't hesitate to contact :
M. Michel ROUSSEAU (33 1 49 90 36 03)
or, in case of absence,
Ms Patricia ZANOTI (33 1 49 90 36 13)