IIW/EWF Certification for the Quality in Welding of Manufacturers according to ISO3834

Benefits of Manufacturers certification

  • Advantages for the Manufacturers in getting a certification against the IIW/EWF MCS, can be summarised as follows:
    - welded products are differently treated according to the specific needs of the welding manufacture process used;
    - manufacturers can be guided to satisfy regional or international product standards’ requirements through implementation of the Scheme;
    - the specific areas of competence (for personnel and companies) are explicitly encompassed and registered in the Schedule;
    - manufacturers can get visibility through the Register (www.iiw-iis.org) of Certified Companies.

    It must be borne in mind that, although it has many advantages, certification is voluntary and does not, in itself, meet any statutory requirements

    Benefits of certification for customers

    Customers should use ISO 3834 certification as contractual requirement why it is furnishing:
  • an independant assessment of manufacturers is conducted by experts
  • it is a deep assessment of manufacturer capabilities
  • substantial assessment and uniform presentation of informations and data on manufacturer


Registration of certifications

IIW, EWF and AFS maintain a register of manufacturers certified according to the system IIW MCS . Informations included in this register on manufacturers and their capabilities are avalaible through IIW or AFS. This is important commercial benefit for registered manufacturers.

Details on certified manufacturers on websites:
IIW : www.iiwelding.org
EWF : www.ewf.be

AFS :www.afs-asso.org

download AFS operating procedure

Forms to be filled and sent back to AFS:
application form
information sheet
Questionnaire ISO 3834 Part 2
Questionnaire ISO 3834 Part 3
Questionnaire ISO 3834 Part 4
File of the welding coordinator

List of certified manufacturers: to download

Mr. Michel ROUSSEAU ( 01 49 90 36 03)
or :
Mrs Patricia ZANOTI ( 01 49 90 36 13)